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Fostering Critical Thinking in Schools and Museums Suggested Resources

Davis, R. B. & Maher, C. A. (1997). How students think: The role of representations. In L. English (Ed.), Mathematical Reasoning: Analogies, Metaphors, and Images (pp.93-115) Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence E. Erlbaum Associates.

Herz, Rebecca Shulman, issue editor. (Summer 2007). Critical Thinking Skills in Museums. Entire issue of the Journal of Museum Education. 32 (2).
(The Journal of Museum Education is free to members of the Museum Education Roundtable (, or can be purchased directly from Left Coast Press at

Maher, C. A., Muter, E. M. & Kiczek, R. D. (2007). The development of proof making by students. In P. Boero (Ed.), Theorems and proof in schools: from history, epistemology and cognition to classroom practice (pp. 197-208). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers (PB ISBN 90-77874-21-6; HB ISBN 90-77874-22-4).

Maher, C. A. (2005). How students structure their investigations and learn mathematics: Insights from a long-term study. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 24(1) 1-14.

Maher, C. A. & Martino, A. M. (1996). The development of the idea of mathematical proof: A 5-year case study. In F. Lester (Ed.), Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 27 (2), 194-214.

Perkins, David N. (1994). The Intelligent Eye. Los Angeles: Getty Center for Education in the Arts.

Postman, Neil, and Charles Weingartner. (1969). Teaching as a Subversive Activity. New York: Dell, Inc.

Speiser, R., Walter, C., & Maher, C. A. (2003). Representing motion: An experiment in learning. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior, 22 (1), 1-35.

Web resources

Center for Critical Thinking

Learning Through Art

Korn & Associates, Inc., "Teaching Literacy Through Art Final Report: Synthesis of 2004-05 and 2005-06 Studies." <http://www.>

The Private Universe Project in Mathematics, including the guide that accompanies the video workshop series,

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