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The Center for Museum Studies publishes the CMS Bulletin. The Bulletin showcases research and work occurring in CMS programs, promotes scholarship in museum issues, and shares information and learning gained in our programs to a broader audience. The Bulletin also features status reports from Fellowship in Museum Practice recipients CMS Bulletin contents, to date

Volume 1, Number 1 (May 1993)
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
Kmetz, Deborah: "Seeing It With Your Own Eyes."
Kurin, Richard: "Our Society Does Not Need Culturally or Racially Specific Museums."
Sadongei, Alyce: "OMP's American Indian Museum Studies Program."
Screven, Chandler G. "Museums and Informal Education."
Voume 1, Number 2 (October 1993)
Brown, Claudine: "Community Focused Museums: Reflecting the Reality of a Plurality."
Edmunds, Gayle: "OMP's Awards for Museum Leadership."
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
Museum Training Opportunities for Volunteer, Entry Level, Mid-Career and Senior Museum Staff."
Mieri, Magdalena: "Museums in Argentina."
Ratcliffe, Stephanie: "Integrating Parenting Skill Information Into Exhibitions for the Early Childhood Audience."
Roodhouse, Simon C.: "Investing in People."
Volume 2, Number 1 (April 1994)
"Belmont Conference on Mid-Career Museum Training," a reprint of the 1980 conference summary
Cooper, Karen Coody: "Shifting Paradigms Is Not Easy in a Standard Brain."
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
"Multiculturalism in Museums: Is It Working." (A transcription of the 1993 Awards for Museum Leadership debate.)
"1994 Perspectives on the Belmont Conference"
Volume 2, Number 2 (October 1994)
Cooper, Karen: "On Exhibit/A Matter of Access: Milestones in Exhibits Concerning American Indians in the United States and Canada, 1976-1994."
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
Svedlow, Andrew J. :"Lifelong Learning in Museums: In Pursuit of Andragogy."
Volume 3, Number 1 (February 1995)
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
Guzhalovsky, Aleksandr: "Presenting Ideas Through Collections: A View from Eastern Europe."
Regier, Charles: "Rethinking Traveling Exhibitions for Small Museums: Observations on the Exhibit Production Process."
Yorba, Jonathan: "Museums and the (Re)presentation of Latino/a Cultures."
Volume 3, Number 2 (September 1995)
Black Smith, Michelle, Janice Homesky and Rodney Reynolds: "Being a Part of the National and Local Museum Scene: The Museum Intern Partnership Program."
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
Holman, Nigel: "Sensitive Native American Photographic Images: Stepping Back to Look at the Big Picture."
Museum Reference Center Updates
Volume 4, Number 1 (April 1996)
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
McRainey, D. Lynn: "Interpreting History Through Interactive Experiences."
Mieri, Magdalena: "Graduate Student Fellowships in Latino Studies."
"Museum Reference Center Updates."
Museum Studies Online
Santillan, Aurora: "Mexican Women, Gender and Leisure in Southern California During the 1920s."
Volume 4, Number 2 (September 1996)
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
Morales, Teresa: "Cultural Appropriation in Community Museums."
Museum Reference Center Updates
Nieves, Angel David: "Communities and/or Museums?: Making Room for the Other Voices."
Shaffer, Sharon: "Museum Studies: Young Children in Museums Today."
Volume 5, Number 1 (March 1997)
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
Glazer, Helen: "In Quest of Myth: A Prototype Multi-Museum Thematic Tour."
Morin, Elizabeth: "Cultivating New Audiences for Art Museums."
Museum Reference Center Updates
Volume 5, Number 2 (July 1997)
Belzer, Eric: "My Summer Internship."
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
Gamez, Alicia Maria: "The Changing Content of Race During the Nineteenth Century."
Maroevic, Ivo: "Museums and the Development of Local Communities after the War."
Museum Reference Center Updates
Swackhammer, Mack: "Repatriation in Canadian and United States Museums."
Yorba, Jonathan: "A Place at the Table: Latino Museums and the Smithsonian Institution."
Volume 5, Number 3 (December 1997)
Combs, Rhea L.: "Reflections on the Awards for Museum Leadership."
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
Kreps, Christina: "Participatory Approaches to Museum Development."
Marinova, Svetlana: "Ukranian Museums: The Ways of Transformation."
Museum Reference Center Updates
Nunn, Tey Marianna: "Hispano Artists of the Works Progress Administration."
Volume 6, Number 1 (May 1998)
Barbosa, Maria Christina: "Possibilities and Strategies for Implementing the Museum Library into the Activities of Other Museum Departments."
Craig, Bruce: "Tomorrow's Breakfast for Museum Champions."
Ellis, Rex: "From the Director."
Moreno, Maria-Jose: "The Organizational Behavior of Small/Marginal Institutions: The Case of Hispanic Museums."
Museum Reference Center Updates
Volume 7, Number 1 (January 2000)
Craig, Bruce: "Food For Thought."Sheppard, Beverly: "Museum Careers in the Next Millennium."Harth, Marjorie: "Old Traditions / New Obligations: Museums and the Management of Indigenous Collections."  Sims, Maitreya: "Expect the Best from Smithsonian Internships."
Museum Reference Center Updates   
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