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Fellowships in Museum Practice - The Application Process

The Application Process

Fellowships are awarded through a competitive process. To be
considered for a fellowship, applicants should submit a concise
proposal (7 pages maximum not including resume or letters of
recommendation) containing:

  1. the title of the study
  2. a discussion of the topic to be investigated including the
    thesis statement and key issues
  3. a description of the nature and scope of the topic relative
    to the needs of museums and cultural institutions and an
    explanation of how this proposal will add knowledge to
    the topic
  4. a plan of action including a description of the research
    methodology to be used and a list of preliminary
    questions to be explored
  5. a review of existing literature specific to the study
  6. a description of the format for disseminating the research
    and the rationale for the choice
  7. a resume / curriculum vitae, not to exceed two pages
  8. Two letters of reference Letters of reference requested in SOLAA.

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Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the Fellowships
in Museum Practice program ( prior to the submission
of a proposal for advice and guidance in developing a grant request. 
This service is offered because we know the development of a
fellowship proposal requires significant expenditure of time and effort
and that the nature of the program may not be clearly understood by
some prospective applicants. Discussions early in the development
process are intended to discourage inappropriate applications and
strengthen those that have a likely prospect of funding. Preliminary
inquiries are accepted up to one month prior to the application

The deadline for submission is February 15.

The Smithsonian is transitioning to an all-electronic application system for academic appointments. To submit your proposal, please set up a user ID in our online application system SOLAA. (Please visit the link below). There, you will be able to upload all relevant materials and requirements. If you have any questions, please contact SOLAA Program Help at

Smithsonian Online Academic Appointment System


Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged. Late arrivals or proposals
that do not conform to the requirements cannot be considered.
Application materials cannot be returned. Do not include printed materials
your institution.

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