Museological literature is often

under-utilized and difficult to locate

because published works appear in diverse

disciplines and are not indexed by one

source.  To promote information sharing


Currently indexed are: 

  • 25 years of articles from the
    Journal of Museum Education
    (JME) and its predecessor
    Roundtable Reports;
  • 25 years of articles from the
    American Law Institute-
    American Bar Association
    Course of study: Legal
    Problems of Museum
    Administration (ALI-ABA);

  • Over 1,000 citations to theses
    and dissertations written about 
    museological issues in
    universities throughout the

  • Six years of audiotapes of the
    American Association of
    (AAM) Annual
    Meetings sessions.

and inform decision-making, the 

Smithsonian created and maintains the

Museum Studies Bibliographies.  The

bibliography is an on-line, research tool

containing citations on a range of topics

including museum role and function, their

history and philosophy, and their nature

and structure.  All data is in English.  You

can search by keyword, Library of 

Congress subject headings, author and


The database is accessible from:      

At the opening screen, select 'Specialized

Bibliographies' then under 'Optional choices

for keyword searches 'select'

'Museum Studies Bibliographies'

For further information and comments, please contact the Program Manager:
Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies
Arts and Industries Building 2235
Washington, DC 20560-0427
Fax: 202-357-3346

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