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Museology Resources

Whether you are a seasoned professional, a newcomer, or a faculty member, this page will help you find scholarly and professional resources that can help you achieve your goals. This section links you to networks of national, regional, and international associations, and to many other resources: on-line reference works and journals, federal funding sources, accessibility information, curriculum materials, and archived research and project reports.

Professional Support

Networks of Museum Associations and Special Interest Groups
By participating in professional societies, you'll stay in touch with colleagues and stay informed about current trends and issues in the field.

Special Interest Groups

Selected Museology Readings and Online References
An introduction to literature and websites on museum topics and functions, and professional education.

Museum-Related Organizations

Museum Journals
Up-to-date research on academic and practical matters

Tools for Museum Professionals
Tutorials and reference sources to help you define and plan your project
Museum Federal Funding Sources
Museology ADA / Disability Resources

Museum Studies Curriculum Materials
Information on how to conceptualize, plan, conduct, and evaluate training activities

  • About Museum Studies Training and Staff Development: Views from practitioners on issues of curricula, teaching, and frameworks and strategies for intructional programs.
  • About Adult Learning and Teaching: A selection of resources on instructional methods and the ways adults learn.

Online Museum Resources

Museum Webcasts

Quick Links
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Museum Employment Opportunities
Museum Studies Training Directory
Museum-Related Organizations

Museum Studies Bibliographies (SIRIS)

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